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About Us

Providing an introduction to football for toddlers between the ages of 3- 5.

We know how children love to participate in fun-filled activities, but what about FUN-DAMENTALS like exercises that not only bring fun but improve their social skills, develop positive self-esteem and teach them the value of teamwork?

This is why we are bringing a fun and creative way to engage your kids in extra-curricular activities.


Our classes are conducted and strucured to help improve your child's social and motor skills whilst building confidence in a team environment which gose a long way to boost their academic and extra-curricular performance at school.


At Mini Kickers, our classes are divided into small-sided groups and sessions so that every tiny foot out there gets the Mini Kicker full experience.

All our coaches are CRB checked and have years of experience working with children on different platforms. We also have members of our staff who are currently working within the professional football academy system.

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What are the advantages of your kids participating in our football program? 

At MINI KICKERS, our curriculum aims to:

  • Concentrate on the ABC basics; Agility, Balance, and Coordination.

  • Promote a healthy lifestyle through sports.

  • •Cultivate skills including stability, leadership, coordination, and empathy that will be useful later in the big world.

  • Prepare your child from the ages of 3 until 5 to create a solid foundation to help them progress in their football journey.

  • Give your children a safe and secure environment where they can develop better with others in their age group.

Why you should choose us

We aim to inspire the children to take part and have fun, and we achieve this with a mixture of simple children's games, storytelling, creative challenges, which works on the ABC basics in a fun-filled way.


 The best thing you can do for your kids is helping them live their dreams and follow their passion to the fullest. And that’s exactly what we will help you achieve at Mini Kickers.

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